Detox is More Than Juicing

Its a daily decision to keep toxins out!

Not every detox approach is equally effective. I think Dr. Pizzorno ND, put it best: “A daily diet of green drinks may work for an 18-25 year old who has eaten clean foods since childhood, rarely drinks, and never smokes. However, if you ate a lot of junk food as a child or during your teens, you were a party goer who drank and experimented with drugs through your teens and twenties. And now, as an adult, you are a hardworking professional or a multitasking parent who cuts corners to save time by eating takeout, gulping down coffee and doughnuts, guzzling sodas and protein bars to keep your energy high during the day? What if without knowing it, you were born with an under-functioning detox capacity? Or what if you have landed in your late forties or fifties with low energy, weight gain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and poor sleep? Not to mention people with chronic illness, pain and serious health conditions. Healthy food and drink, while providing you with a sound nutritional baseline, cannot alone rectify the damage already done to your organs of detoxification over your lifetime. It’s essential that the organs of elimination themselves (gut, liver, kidney’s) first be repaired, and to ensure that you initiate detox safely, must be repaired in the right sequence.”

The good news is that blood levels of many toxins can decrease quickly. The bad news is that bone, fat and nervous system tissues take longer to offload and detox. We have to desaturate the blood so that the saturated organs can continue to desaturate into the blood. ⁣⁣

What can you do to offset toxin accumulation in your body?

⁣⁣We can’t always avoid toxins. But we can decrease our exposure and increase their elimination. ⁣⁣

How we can detox:

🥗 Increase fiber intake. Not only does this stabilize blood sugar levels, but it rids your body of toxins that poison your insulin receptor sites.⁣⁣
🍭 Evade avoidable toxins. There are so many toxins in the world, try to be aware of your environment and what you are exposing yourself to, plan ahead to have alternative options. Avoid the avoidable.⁣⁣
💫 Repair the detox organs. The digestive tract, liver and kidneys are the organs of elimination. I will be going over how to detox from the inside out.⁣⁣
💪🏼 Build your detox capacity. How you ask? By making sure all your enzymes, cells and detox organs are working optimally through diet and supplementation. ⁣⁣
💊 Supplement appropriate vitamins and minerals for your unique genetic profile.⁣⁣
💦 Actively promote detoxification by way of sauna, exercise and making sure your elimination routes are functioning optimally.⁣⁣
🧬 Repairing the damage that has been done through appropriate, uniquely tailored detoxification.⁣⁣