Toxins in Our Environment

Understanding detox comes with an understanding for how we are exposed to these toxins in the first place and our genetic susceptibilities. When you truly understand this, detox isn’t so simple anymore.

Where do toxins come from?⁣

  • Paints, plastics, rubber products⁣
  • Pizza boxes treated with perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAs). (Breast feeding is an important exposure pathway for PFASs)⁣
  • Pigments, dyes and carbonless copy paper⁣
  • Electrical equipment including voltage regulators, switches, reclosers, bushings, electromagnets, transformers, capacitors.⁣
  • Home building materials⁣
  • Cleaning chemicals ⁣
  • Mattresses⁣
  • Furniture ⁣
  • Clothing ⁣
  • Old appliances⁣
  • Oil used in motors and hydraulic systems⁣
  • Fluorescent light bulbs⁣
  • Toxins in personal care products⁣
  • Food coloring, artificial flavors and sweeteners⁣
  • Cable insulation⁣
  • Thermal insulation material including fire glass, felt, foam and cork⁣
  • Adhesive tapes⁣
  • Oil based paint⁣
  • Caulking⁣
  • Plastics⁣
  • Floor finishes⁣
  • Consumer products: flame retardants in children’s clothing, toys, and blankets; sealants in cookware and more.
  • ⁣Conventionally grown foods are sprayed with neurotoxic pesticides to kill insects and herbicides to kill weeds.⁣
  • Industrial activities such as gas and electrical- power production.⁣
  • Fracking costs us our water purity in that it becomes contaminated with lead, arsenic, fluoride, industrial chemical and carcinogens.⁣
  • Pharmaceuticals in our water supplies.⁣

Toxins can

  • Increase or decrease heart rate (HR).
  • Interrupt neuron- neuron (brain cell) communication, necessary for proper brain function.
  • Decrease the production of thyroid hormones, interfere with sex hormones and decrease our cells sensitivity to insulin.
  • Block insulin receptor sites on cells so sugar can’t get in to produce energy.
  • Interfere with the livers’ enzymatic detoxification processes.
  • Damage DNA, increasing the rate of aging and predispose cells to cancer.
  • Impair your ability to detox.